Past Projects

The Junior League is an organization of women volunteers who find solutions for some of society's toughest problems. It empowers its members by providing them with both formal and experiential training.
Junior Leagues' Kids in the Kitchen

Annually, since 2006, the JLHB has joined over 200 other Junior Leagues in four countries to address the urgent issues surrounding childhood obesity and poor nutrition. Childhood obesity is a global health issue that has grown at an astonishing rate. One in four Canadian children is overweight. Obese children are more likely to have longer-ranging health problem such as high blood pressure, raised cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, asthma attacks and kidney problems. Obesity is also associated with poor self-esteem and depression.


Spearheaded by the Association of Junior Leagues International, Kids in the Kitchen is a unique and interactive program designed to empower children to make healthy lifestyle choices. It builds upon a heritage of impact Junior Leagues have had on family nutrition for the past 108 years.


Empower Hour

In partnership with Good Shepherd Centres Brennan House, the JLHB recently developed and launched a pilot program we call 'Empower Hour'. Now adopted as an ongoing JLHB program, members are responsible for a series of workshops and activities that engage young women in self discovery and developing basic living skills, together with providing support through coaching and mentoring. 'Empower Hour' is very exciting! It aims to open the doors of success for young women affected by poverty, by building self esteem, increasing confidence and inspiring a desire to succeed. Our research indicates that improving the capabilities of young women can help to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and for future generations. Learn more about this exciting program.



Kids on the Block

Making a difference in our community!

Currently on hiatis however for over 27 years, The Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington "Kids on the Block" puppet troupe have been helping our elementary school children understand and accept differences in people. This form of puppetry is a powerful medium of education that enlightens local children on the issues of disability awareness, medical/educational differences, and social concerns.Our Kids on the Block puppeteers present skits to children in a marvelously effective and fun way. The appealing and realistic characters encourage children to ask these puppet characters questions that they may be too intimidated to ask a real person. The skit content and the subsequent dialogue helps children to identify similarities between themselves and the puppet "kids", strengthens positive messages on issues such as bullying, vandalism and smoking, and helps to dispel myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities and differences.The programs and materials presented are thoroughly researched and developed by Kids on the Block Inc. with the co-operation of national organizations representing specific issues and with the assistance of experts in the field of study.To learn more about the Kids on the Block program please visit the Kids on the Block Inc. website.

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"The Empower Hour is a time of reflection and a time of dreaming for the young women at Good Shepherd Brennan House. During Empower Hour the young women get the tools and support to experience and envision what they want for themselves and their lives. Young women are exposed to positive role models and encouraged to aspire the best for themselves."

Norma Joaquim
Program Manager of Good Shephard Brennan House

Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington presents Unstoppable Girls

The Junior League was thrilled to present an exciting new conference, designed for girls, aged 10-14 from the Keith and surrounding communities. It took place a the Eva Rothwell Centre.

Current Projects
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