Community Impact

When you support the JLHB, you're helping an organization of women volunteers who, for over 85 years, have been finding solutions for some of society's toughest problems.

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Here are some of the ways your contributions go to work for our community.

Community Projects

The tremendous and ongoing community impact created by the members, as a result of the training, makes Junior Leagues unique.


Members keep pace with emerging critical needs then develop effective community partnerships to address and improve conditions. Members become involved as volunteer leaders in various aspects of each community impact project with activities ranging from research, development and problem solving through to fund-raising and implementation.


For more than 85 years, the Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington, Inc. (JLHB) has been an effective catalyst for creating lasting changes in our community, making an impact in areas such as respite care, women and children, health and well being, social services, the environment, and the arts. Proud of our rich history, the JLHB continues to be committed to improving our community by doing what is intrinsic to our organization – addressing emerging and changing community needs while nurturing and developing the potential of members.

Learn about our Current Projects
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Current Focus

It's no secret that today our communities face serious challenges that, directly or indirectly, are the result of widespread poverty. To address this critical issue, in 2019, the JLHB adopted a Focus of  Women in Poverty that now grounds our volunteer efforts and resources in activities and partnerships across the community, including the collaboration fostered by the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction.


The root causes of poverty are a lack of housing, warm clothing, education, food security, income security, accessible transportation, social inclusion and safe neighborhoods.


Research also reveals that poverty has a female face that often goes unreported.


  • Women account for about 60 percent of minimum-wage earners.

  • Women on their own are the poorest of the poor, especially women raising children, in one-parent families, who are almost five times more likely to be poor than those in two-parent families.

  • Young single mothers are particularly vulnerable, and represent an area of great need in our community.


It's well known that investing in the capabilities of one young woman today is really an investment in the next hundred years. The JLHB believes that by increasing educational success, through both formal and informal learning, we can help to break the cycle of poverty for the young women whose lives have been affected by poverty, and for many future generations. Our volunteer resources are now committed to creating opportunities and programs that increase capabilities, by enhancing the life skills of young women affected by poverty.