Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking

After a year-long intensive community scan, dialoguing with our League sisters in the GTA and North America, bringing in speakers to educate and raise awareness amongst our members and within the community​, the JLHB recently adopted a new community focus  area -  Supporting Survivors of Human Trafficking.

Human Trafficking is a modern-day form of slavery and has become a major concern in the Hamilton/Burlington community and throughout Southwestern Ontario.  Traffickers maintain control over their victims through manipulation, threats, and / or the abuse of trust and power.  Victims may be trafficked by someone they know or in some cases, connection is made through social media with a gradual, well executed plan to distance the victim from family and friends.


Anyone can be a target for human trafficking for the purposes of sex or forced labour. In Canada, women and girls from 13-24 are at greatest risk, as well as Indigenous women and girls, new immigrants, children in the child welfare system, persons living with disabilities, LGBTQ2 persons, and those struggling socially and/or financially.

We are excited to be starting on our journey, helping to address the critical issue of Human Trafficking challenging our communities today.

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