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Welcome to your “Compass”. This document is an information tool that has been developed to help you navigate through your career in the Junior League and in volunteering in general.

The Education & Training Curriculum component of the Compass has been divided into five years or educational focuses. These focus years is as follows:

Dollars & Sense
Getting it Done
Human to Human
Life’s Compass
Mind & Body Health

Each focus year contains varied information that pertains to three general categories that are in direct relation to the JLHB mission statement. These categories are as follows:

Junior League Training
Personal Development
Community Partnerships

Each focus year contains specific educational content. The materials presented in the Compass are kept consistent because they are all structured using the following landmarks of Educational Program Development which appear on the training MAP, SUMMARY, and EVALUATION of each training module:

module name
focus year
training category
target audience
training objectives
training summary
other resources available
evaluation questions

Let the COMPASS be your guide and enjoy the journey ...

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The COMPASS training manual and its supporting documentation ensures a comprehensive continuum of training with a five year life cycle which closely matches the average commitment of a member to the Junior League. The program is designed to ensure all types of members from our newest recruits to sustainers, receive a core foundation of leadership training.

In November 1999 the JLHB (Junior League of Hamilton-Burlington, Inc.) members attended an ODI Conference in Toronto where discussion focused on trends in volunteerism, change management, and the power of League management. This resulted in a JLHB membership volunteer satisfaction survey which emphasized the need for a solid base of information relevant to voluntarism. An internal examination of their practices was taken in addition to roundtable discussions at several General Meetings, which identified a need for a consistent, continuing, and comprehensive training program. The COMPASS was designed to ensure that even as the membership changed the training would not be compromised.

The Compass is a five year training outline. It consists of five Training Focus topics ("‘Dollars and Sense’, ‘Human to Human’, ‘Life’s Compass’, ‘Getting it Done’, and ‘Mind and Body Health’") each with a list of potential training modules. The modules are being developed in response to the needs of the membership. The JLHB is currently in their second year of the program, thus the second Training Focus. The development of the individual modules is on going. Each year the Leadership team determines which of the remaining training topics to focus on for the year, however the modules of any Training Focus may be developed as needed. Each module has a “Map” to outline the objectives and a “Summary” to file as a reference.

The COMPASS is a work in progress. It is flexible enough to allow module development in response to the needs of membership. It is efficient in that the JLHB's Education & Training Committees don’t spend their limited volunteer hours re-inventing and re-designing year after year. The COMPASS is an Education & Training five year strategic plan designed to provide consistent training while being adaptable to the ever changing needs of the JLHB's membership.

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